Internet of things : a crucial challenge which companies can take advantage of

Auteure : Esther Gagneux, traduction Lucie Blaix et Sandrine Baslé

Internet of things : a crucial challenge which companies can take advantage of

The internet of things is growing very rapidly with important consequences for companies’ business models.

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A new way to create value

The companies which want to benefit from the new opportunities of connected objects, will need to rethink dramatically their way to capture value.

Digital innovations impact the creation of value that is at the heart of all business model : the possibility to track down the way products are used allows companies to adapt their response to consumers’ behaviour.

Products are also connected to other products which leads to new analysis and to new services which provide a richer experience to the clients.


The internet of things allows companies to respond in real time to needs, in a predictive rather than reactive way. Moreover, the product regenerates itself thanks to updates, preventing itself from obsolescence, giving a new life to the object.

Finally, the convergence and analysis of information will improve the customer experience of the products and of attached services.

The revenues, in the connected world, do not limit themselves to sales of physical products. Other revenues are possible, following the initial sale of the product, for instance with added value services, a subscription or an application, which can easily exceed the initial price.

Qualiview conseil offers to analyse the possibilities of connected functionalities (including objects) of your current offer (including through partnerships), as well as analyse the perception of your customers regarding your connected offer.

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