The need to be careful with the consumers’ data

Auteure : Esther Gagneux


Data has become essential for companies, but some care has to be taken with it.

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Adapt your messages to the clients

In the merciless world of digital, the firms need to learn how to communicate with consumers.

Be careful with data and of the possible harm that your messages could cause.

If a client does not react to a digital stimulation, it is also a sign, and sometimes you need to learn how “not to speak to your consumers”. This is particularly true today, with the big increase of advertisements.

You need to know how to give the right information to the right consumer and at the right time. The citizen is scared about seeing that his privacy is in danger and his freedom is threatened.


Reassure the client about the use of their personal data

With data, firms also have to be careful and to reassure the client that he can always choose whether his data is used or not. Moreover, he has to be reassured about the security and the confidentiality of their personal data. The consumer does not necessary understand the impact of data and of analyses.

Data should be used for the client’s benefit. It is used to improve the client’s relationship with the brand and to improve the ease of sale. For example, Peugeot has developed the “customer effort score”, which measures how much effort the client had to give to access to some of the brand’s services. In fact, it has to be easy for the consumer and this benefit should be explained to them, by being as transparent as possible.

Data is a great opportunity for all the firms, and they have to take it. It is particularly useful in the improvement of a good relationship with the client. But the risk is to be too intrusive (the consumer can feel harassed), too present (too many messages) and to frighten the consumer about the final use of his data. Therefore, companies must measure their presence with the consumers, from their behaviour, and know how to be present with personalised messages and strinking the right balance.

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